Joaquin Himbau Ceballos Reject Offers Barcelona and Real Madrid

Joaquin Himbau Ceballos Reject Offers Barcelona and Real Madrid
Joaquin called on Dani Ceballos to reject offers from Barcelona and Real Madrid, in order to stay at Real Betis.

The 21-year-old played a stunning performance at the U-21 European Cup, with the performance gaining interest from two Spanish giants Barcelona and Real Madrid.

But as a veteran, Joaquin believes that staying at Real Betis could have a more positive long-term impact on Ceballos’s career.

“I gave advice to him, as a colleague, and as a veteran,” the Spanish international told reporters.

“This is very important to us, and we want him to stay with us for the next few years.”

“Of course, all decisions are in his hands. But he must certainly make a decision that is not only best for him, but also for Betis. I hope we can keep enjoying his game, and see him stick around here. ”

“Dani can play on any team. He has many different talents. She is young, and she still has the years of her glory before her. ”

“All the teams will want him, but I hope we can still enjoy his game, at least for another year.”

Persib Vs PSM, Efforts to Face the True Exam

Persib Vs PSM, Efforts to Face the True Exam Pause of League 1 competition since June 20 last arguably advantageous Persib. The storm of criticism after the defeat in the 11th week of Barito Putera’s contest slowly subsided because of the holiday league Judi Dadu.

However, it does not mean the locker room Maung Bandung was cold. Persib fanatical supporters will again press in the fight against PSM.

Fixed position became the focus that shouted supporters Maung Bandung. Now, bobotoh’s favorite club inhabit the 12th rank with a collection of 16 points.

Shohei Matsunaga cs must get three points in the first party after the break of the competition. Bobotoh certainly do not want to know that the PSM is the king of the standings with a collection of 23 points.

Conquering Juku Spell just pass the real test that can make the wave of criticism subside. Different when Maung Bandung beat Persiba 1-0 in the 10th week.

Despite winning the first three numbers after four games without a victory (two draws and two loses), it did not treat the heart bobotoh because the Bear Honey is in the most distended position.

The problem is, the host must be left five players, namely Sergio van Dijk, Carlton Cole, and Angga Febryanto are still injured, and Gian Zola and Febri Hariyadi who was called national team U-22 Indonesia.

Not only that, coach Djadjang Nurdjaman could not accompany the team in the game counter PSM because it is Umrah. Herrie Setiawan, assistant coach, gets the job to lead the team.

“I am constantly in communication with the Djanur coach, every team development and the condition of each player, I keep reporting,” Herrie said.

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Persib can take advantage of the suspension of U-23 players regulation. Maung Bandung semringah because it can reduce the best composition contains experienced senior players since the beginning of the game.

“The motivation of the players to win very big, especially we will play in front of bobotoh,” said Herrie.

Meanwhile, PSM comes with full power. Robert Rene Alberts foster children certainly do not want to slip because it is only one point out of the second rank, Madura United.

The spirit is increasingly difficult for the lucky host if only one point.