New Persib’s Persipal Puzzle Unanswered

Persib Bandung

New Persib’s Persipal Puzzle Unanswered

After successfully restoring Purwaka Yudhi, Persib Bandung is still hunting some players and coaches to add strength in the second round of League 1 competition.

The attack sector is now a top priority. Because the target man Persib team is considered failed.

Sergio Van Dijk had to pull over due to injury until the season ended. Carlton Cole has trouble breaking into the core squad, even down to five games without a goal.

While young attackers like Angga Febrianto still far from expectations. As proof of the 17 games that have been undertaken, Atep Cs only able to score 16 goals.

Name of attacker PSM Makassar, Reinaldo reportedly became the main target. However, the latest news of Portugal striker, Erivelto Emiliano Da Silva, just one step away to join Persib.

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Herrie Setyawan
Assistant coach Persib Bandung, Herrie Setyawan. ( / Strong Saokani)
Caretaker coach Persib, Herrie Setyawan hoped that any attacker who joined the ISL championship team 2014 can immediately adapt and aim the quality as a predator in front of the opponent’s goal.

“If to attack we wait from the management, we hope soon to join it all already know anyone (who became the target), but we just wait yet confirmed I just prepare the existing players to face the second round,” he said Wednesday ( 2/8/2017).

“Hopefully in accordance with the expectations of all we need a predator and he can lift the performance of Persib which is currently negative.Implease this player who came to lift Persib performance,” he said.

Mentioned about another player, Herrie said he has no authority whatsoever in the recruitment of players this season because of his status as a caretaker.

“The only recruitment question is management, I’m just a caretaker, I’m not a decision maker, I’m just a substitute before the head coach is there all the decisions are still in management,” he said.