Appointed So New Director Rome, Here’s the Reaction Totti

Appointed So New Director Rome, Here’s the Reaction Totti

Having decided to quit as an AS Roma player at the end of last season, Francesco Totti was approached by a number of clubs including from New Zealand, Major League Soccer and the Japanese League. But Totti refused all offers and steady to accept proposal as a new director of Rome.

This decision makes Totti feel as jealous. He hopes with his new status, Totti can still contribute greatly to the interests of the team.

“The first part ends, the player, and now embark on another important task as a director. Hopefully I can have the same influence as I did on the pitch, “Totti told Roma TV.

“I started from scratch, now running a new phase and a new adventure. I have had time to think things over, to reflect and really decide that I am ready to continue to serve this team. Day after day, with calm and confidence, to learn the role and add something new above all, “he continued.

“I will try to be fully prepared, from the junior sector to the president. So naturally this will take six months, one year, two years. I do not know to really find my true and best role. ”

“I am looking forward to something bright, something beautiful to find my perfect role, doing what I can to help form a great squad and a brilliant club,” he said. (Photo Source: Italian Football)

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