How to whiten the face naturally

How to whiten the face naturally – often we try to find the tips on the internet. Each person must yearn to have white skin is natural. With white skin could support the appearance of a person. Not only that, the white skin can also increase a person’s confidence.
Tips whiten face with Natural Ingredients

Many people who want a white face would go to the doctor. However, whiten the face with natural materials would not hurt you to try for guaranteed safe. In addition, by using natural materials will also be no risk. The following natural ingredients that can whiten the face, among others:
1. Lime
Make Masks Of Lime

How to whiten the face naturally the first is by using lime that we often encounter. Orange juice contains antioxidants that are good for the body and face. Moreover, lime is also rich in vitamin C which is good for the skin and body. Vitamin C itself has many benefits such as to brighten the skin, prevent acne, address the excess oil and remove dead skin cells.

Ways of making :

How to cultivate lime juice are also very easy, first cut the lime in half and squeeze.
The juice results apply to the entire face evenly.
Afterwards, massage, massage the face for about 10 seconds in order to sew.
Let stand for 30 minutes and rinse with cold water until clean.

2. Fruit Avocados
Make Masks Of Avocados

Make Masks Of Avocados

In addition to pleasure when processed into juice, avocado can also help whiten the face. The content of glutamine and good agen sbobet terpercaya fats contained in an avocado is very good for treating dry skin. Not only that, this fruit is also enriched with vitamin A, which can brighten the skin and remove dead skin cells.

Ways of making :

How to whiten the face naturally with avocado The first is to mix avocado flesh with a little honey to taste.
Stir the two ingredients to form a paste.
Before applying to the face, first wash your face with warm water.
After that, apply a mixture of avocado and honey evenly to the face and leave for 25 minutes.
Finally, rinse your face with cold water.

3. Bananas
Make Masks Of Bananas

Make Masks Of Bananas

The banana is known for the high vitamin C content. Therefore banana can effectively whiten the face.

Ways of making :

How to cultivate bananas for this mask is also quite easy, Provide plantain or other types of bananas with a bit of pure honey.
Then puree the bananas and add honey, mix to form a paste.
After that, apply evenly on clean face and let stand for 30 minutes.
After that, rinse with cold water.