Indra Sjafri Acknowledge U-19 National Team Has Difficult Translucent Defense Cambodia

Indra Sjafri Acknowledge U-19 National Team Has Difficult Translucent Defense Cambodia

U-19 national team Indonesia successfully defeated U-19 Cambodia national team with a score of 2-0 in a friendly match at Patriot Candrabhaga Stadium, Bekasi, West Java, Wednesday (4/10/2017).

U-19 national team suffered a stalemate almost throughout the game. However, the goal awaited finally born via Muhammad Rafli Mursalim in the 87th minute followed by Egy Maulana Vikri two minutes later.

U-19 Indonesia national team coach, Indra Sjafri, admitted that his team difficult to penetrate solid defense U-19 Cambodian national team.

“We have predicted that Cambodia will make it difficult, their defense is good and looks to know our strength,” Sjafri said in a press conference after the match.

“Even so, in the final minutes of the game we can confine the defense of Cambodia, so there is a gap we can take advantage of,” said the former Bali United tactician.

As for the next test match, U-19 national team Indonesia will be tested U-19 Thailand national team at Mukti Wibawa Stadium, Cikarang, Sunday (8/10/2017).

New Persib’s Persipal Puzzle Unanswered

Persib Bandung

New Persib’s Persipal Puzzle Unanswered

After successfully restoring Purwaka Yudhi, Persib Bandung is still hunting some players and coaches to add strength in the second round of League 1 competition.

The attack sector is now a top priority. Because the target man Persib team is considered failed.

Sergio Van Dijk had to pull over due to injury until the season ended. Carlton Cole has trouble breaking into the core squad, even down to five games without a goal.

While young attackers like Angga Febrianto still far from expectations. As proof of the 17 games that have been undertaken, Atep Cs only able to score 16 goals.

Name of attacker PSM Makassar, Reinaldo reportedly became the main target. However, the latest news of Portugal striker, Erivelto Emiliano Da Silva, just one step away to join Persib.

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Herrie Setyawan
Assistant coach Persib Bandung, Herrie Setyawan. ( / Strong Saokani)
Caretaker coach Persib, Herrie Setyawan hoped that any attacker who joined the ISL championship team 2014 can immediately adapt and aim the quality as a predator in front of the opponent’s goal.

“If to attack we wait from the management, we hope soon to join it all already know anyone (who became the target), but we just wait yet confirmed I just prepare the existing players to face the second round,” he said Wednesday ( 2/8/2017).

“Hopefully in accordance with the expectations of all we need a predator and he can lift the performance of Persib which is currently negative.Implease this player who came to lift Persib performance,” he said.

Mentioned about another player, Herrie said he has no authority whatsoever in the recruitment of players this season because of his status as a caretaker.

“The only recruitment question is management, I’m just a caretaker, I’m not a decision maker, I’m just a substitute before the head coach is there all the decisions are still in management,” he said.

Alfredo Suggests New Players Coming Soon to Persebaya

Pelatih Persebaya, Angel Alfredo Vera, menyimpan erat nama pemain baru yang segera merapat ke timnya

Alfredo Suggests New Players Coming Soon to Persebaya

Persebaya Surabaya has officially crossed out four players in the second half of the 2nd League 2017 Situs Poker Indonesia. So far the new Persebaya introduced Fandry Imbiri as penggawa anyarnya. In the near future, Bajol Ijo will bring in new players.

Persebaya will bring midfielder to strengthen the middle field. After releasing Ridwan Awaluddin, Persebaya only has three options midfielder. They are Rendi Irwan Saputra, Misbakhus Solikin and M. Hidayat.

Even so, some options midfielder Persebaya current condition is still not 100 percent. Even some have just recovered from injuries.

According to information, the team nicknamed the Green Force will land a name of young players bloody Papua. The player being approached is not yet 24 years old. However, he has a fairly high flying hours at senior level.

In addition, players who are approaching this also has strengthened the national team (national team) from U-23 to senior level. It’s just that the management and team coach Persebaya still mum about news of interest to players from Papua this.

“Maybe there will be a new player, but I have to talk with management,” said Persebaya coach, Angel Alfredo Vera, Monday (7/31/2017) morning. If there is no obstacle, this player will arrive in Surabaya in the next few days.

Good news for MU! Odemwingie and Fabiano Ready to Play PSM Opponent

Good news for MU! Odemwingie and Fabiano Ready to Play PSM Opponent

Madura United (MU) got the good news before the game week of the 17 Liga 1 against PSM Makassar, Saturday (07/29/2017). Team captain Fabiano Beltrame and marquee player Peter Odemwingie ready to perform.

Previously, Fabiano reportedly injured so doubtful in the last match of the first round of the League 1 at the Stadium Bangkalan. Swelling in the calf has improved and the former defender Arema FC was already practicing on Thursday (27/7/2017) afternoon.

“Fabiano is just a strain in the calf muscle and gastrucnius (calf) that causes less pain and swelling in the calf (compartment syndrome in deep vein thrombosis),” said MU Team Doctor Amin Eliwizar.

“But it’s much better now also because the therapy, drinking medicine and out of the way continue.It can participate in joint exercises after yesterday is separated.Insha Allah opponents PSM ready to play,” added Amin.

Amin also revealed the recent condition of Odemwingie, who suffered an injury to the big toe. He said that the former Stoke City player was much better when compared to Fabiano.

Amin said, the swelling on Odemwingie’s big toe was almost completely healed. Even so, Amin asked the coaching team to be careful when making decisions related to the 36-year-old player.

Amin does not want Odemwingie forced to play because the risk of his condition worsened. This of course will be very detrimental MU considering its contribution during this very big.

“Peter is still in care, but the development is good and has started to practice together, Insha Allah ready to play PSM opponents,” he said.

League Standings 1: Madura United Threatens PSM Coup

League Standings 1: Madura United Threatens PSM Coup

Madura United opportunity to mengudeta PSM Makassar from the top of the league 1 2017 Championship when the game counter Persiba Balikpapan, Monday (17/07/2017) Situs Judi Online. Victory over Persiba will make them collect 28 points from 15 matches.

The new PSM plays the 15th week, tomorrow, Tuesday (7/18/2017), when host Barito Putera. PSM currently still top the standings of League 1 2017 with 27 points from 14 games.

Persipura Jayapura is now ranked second with eight wins, three draws and four defeats, and collected 25 points. Madura United in fourth position, also with 25 points, and followed by Bali United through the same points incision.

Persija Jakarta, which yesterday beat Borneo FC 1-0 to climb to sixth place with 24 points. Persib Bandung scattered in the order to-12 after only able to carve 20 points.

Three relegation clubs are occupied by Perseru Serui with 10 points, Gresik United with six points, and Persiba Balikpapan with five points. Madura United has the potential to subdue Persiba, who is a key caretaker of League 1 2017.
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Graphic League Standings 1

Standings League 1 2017:

Persib Vs PSM, Efforts to Face the True Exam

Persib Vs PSM, Efforts to Face the True Exam Pause of League 1 competition since June 20 last arguably advantageous Persib. The storm of criticism after the defeat in the 11th week of Barito Putera’s contest slowly subsided because of the holiday league Judi Dadu.

However, it does not mean the locker room Maung Bandung was cold. Persib fanatical supporters will again press in the fight against PSM.

Fixed position became the focus that shouted supporters Maung Bandung. Now, bobotoh’s favorite club inhabit the 12th rank with a collection of 16 points.

Shohei Matsunaga cs must get three points in the first party after the break of the competition. Bobotoh certainly do not want to know that the PSM is the king of the standings with a collection of 23 points.

Conquering Juku Spell just pass the real test that can make the wave of criticism subside. Different when Maung Bandung beat Persiba 1-0 in the 10th week.

Despite winning the first three numbers after four games without a victory (two draws and two loses), it did not treat the heart bobotoh because the Bear Honey is in the most distended position.

The problem is, the host must be left five players, namely Sergio van Dijk, Carlton Cole, and Angga Febryanto are still injured, and Gian Zola and Febri Hariyadi who was called national team U-22 Indonesia.

Not only that, coach Djadjang Nurdjaman could not accompany the team in the game counter PSM because it is Umrah. Herrie Setiawan, assistant coach, gets the job to lead the team.

“I am constantly in communication with the Djanur coach, every team development and the condition of each player, I keep reporting,” Herrie said.

Read also: Rene Alberts Criticism Suspension of U-23 Player Rules in League 1

Persib can take advantage of the suspension of U-23 players regulation. Maung Bandung semringah because it can reduce the best composition contains experienced senior players since the beginning of the game.

“The motivation of the players to win very big, especially we will play in front of bobotoh,” said Herrie.

Meanwhile, PSM comes with full power. Robert Rene Alberts foster children certainly do not want to slip because it is only one point out of the second rank, Madura United.

The spirit is increasingly difficult for the lucky host if only one point.