Mahrez Only Need Compassion for More Shine

Mahrez Only Need Compassion for More Shine

Former Riyad Mahrez coach at Leicester City, Claudio Ranieri, commented on the player from Algeria. Ranieri says that Mahrez is in dire need of affection.

Mahrez name is busy talked about in the transfer market this summer because reportedly will move to AS Roma. But the transfer was never done because Leicester has not received a Giallorossi bid of 35 million pounds (approximately Rp 608.215 billion).

According to Ranieri, 26-year-old attacker can still grow when getting attention and affection. Mahrez will also be a player with a ruthless career if handled by a coach who understands himself.

“He is a great player, the only thing he needs is the love and attention of the Roma fans,” Ranieri said.

“If he gets enough affection, he will showcase his best ability,” added the coach who currently handles Nantes.

Last season, Mahrez became a pillar of Leicester game with 45 appearances and pack 4 goals. Mahrez’s vital role is to make The Foxes reluctant to remove it despite being seduced by Rome.

But the performance is much lower than the 2015-2016 season when Leicester print history won the Premier League title. At that time, Mahrez incised 17 goals and 10 assists from 37 appearances in the Premier League event.

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